AFAS inspires better entrepreneurship

Work can be done so much better and with more fun. And with greater eye for society. In many organizations people are too busy with the wrong things. Unnecessary actions, repetitive work, and correcting errors: it takes a lot of time and it does not benefit the quality. The mission of AFAS software is to inspire better entrepreneurship. AFAS enables this with software and anything else needed to use that software so that you achieve a higher purpose. Organizations have time left time do what is truly important, quality and job satisfaction.

Stefan Pool | AFAS

Stefan Pool

Inspiratielaan 1
3833 AV Leusden

+31 (0)6 34737541

Partnerhip AFAS and Solid Flex Solutions unburdens customers
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CYF Connector between HelloFlex and OTYS for Teamflex
De Pooter: connecting talents and companies with the CYF Connector
ANTS: interface Planning and Workforce Management
Solid Online and Graydon join forces for temp agency sector
Partnership Bullhorn and Solid Flex Solutions

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