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ANTS: interface Planning and Workforce Management

From now on, for ANTS Uitzendgroep, candidates are automatically linked between planning software Plan4Flex and Workforce Management HelloFlex through the ConnectYourFlex Connector. When the status of the candidate is set to ‘Active’ in HelloFlex, the ConnectYourFlex Connector retrieves the data and transforms it into the structure of Plan4Flex. Secondly, the candidate can be planned in Plan4Flex. This process saves valuable time in transferring candidates, because this doesn’t have to be done manually. This provides again a successful connection with the ConnectYourFlex Connector!

Plan4FlexUnique software that helps you move forward. Supports your planning from registration to payslip

HelloFlex makes your Workforce Management processes more fun, more efficient and easier

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ANTS Uitzendgroep is a flexible, transparent and service-oriented company, specialized in human resources. The planning employees arrange the best team for all their customers, every day. A specialty of ANTS is that they arrange flexible, qualitative and stable teams for manufacturing companies. They are committed to clear communication, like to think along with the wishes of customers and, partly because of this, they have grown rapidly since the start in 2017. Ants has a young and dynamic team, known for taking good care of their people!

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