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Carerix is a supplier of smart recruitment technology for agency and corporate recruitment teams. As a front office software, Carerix supports companies in finding, seducing and matching talent to vacancies. Carerix offers various solutions that match your situation and business needs. Based on years of experience, we offer a modern platform to support the entire …

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OTYS recruiting technology

OTYS offers cloud-based recruitment software for smart management and matching of job offers and candidates. From OTYS, ConnectYourFlex receives candidate information, assignment information, customer information, contact information and job offer information and converts this to the format of a back-office system. OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software. Thanks to its modular construction and many implementation …

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Yoobi: flexible software with excellent service Yoobi is modern Cloud Software for CRM, project management, invoicing, time tracking, leave and expense management. Yoobi is scalable and comes with excellent support. It is a great solution for time tracking, managing leave, expenses, mileage, customer relationships and sales. It is easy to use and has a low …

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ConnectYourFlex according to Actief Werkt: “Flexibility as a standard”.

Cheers! Due to the intelligent lockdown, we raise the glass together through the computer screen! We have something to celebrate: ConnectYourFlex now also facilitates the intercompany process and invoicing for ActiefWerkt! ConnectYourFlex ensures that the invoices of self-employers and on-lenders are also generated and sent. Actief Werkt! has been active in the temp agency industry …

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ConnectYourFlex volgens Actief Werkt: “Flexibiliteit als standaard”.

Proost! Vanwege de intelligente lockdown heffen wij via het beeldscherm het glas met elkaar! We hebben iets te vieren: ConnectYourFlex faciliteert nu ook voor ActiefWerkt! de verloning en de facturatie. ConnectYourFlex zorgt dat ook de facturen van ZZP-ers en doorleners gegenereerd en verstuurd worden. Actief Werkt! is al meer dan 25 jaar actief in de …

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OTYS connected to ConnectYourFlex

We are pleased to announce that OTYS is now also connected to ConnectYourFlex! Integrating the OTYS environment to other applications has never been easier! OTYS is Europe’s largest provider of recruitment software that simplifies, accelerates, and improves the recruitment and selection process. Due to its modular structure and many implementation options, the Recruiting Technology platform …

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OTYS aangesloten op ConnectYourFlex

Wij zijn blij te mogen aankondigen dat OTYS nu ook aangesloten is op ConnectYourFlex! Het koppelen van de OTYS omgeving aan andere applicaties was nog nooit zo eenvoudig! OTYS is Europa’s grootste aanbieder van recruitment software die het werving- en selectieproces vereenvoudigt, versnelt en verbetert. Door de modulaire opbouw en vele implementatiemogelijkheden is het Recruiting …

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Carerix connected to ConnectYourFlex

The ConnectYourFlex integration platform forms a layer between software packages and ensures that they communicate well with each other: retyping data is no longer necessary. Because of this integration, repetitive work belongs to the past and the risk of errors is greatly reduced. ConnectYourFlex has recently expanded its eco-system with Carerix, a front office player …

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