Carerix connected to ConnectYourFlex

The ConnectYourFlex integration platform forms a layer between software packages and ensures that they communicate well with each other: retyping data is no longer necessary. Because of this integration, repetitive work belongs to the past and the risk of errors is greatly reduced.

ConnectYourFlex has recently expanded its eco-system with Carerix, a front office player in the temp agency industry. Carerix has been a supplier of smart recruitment technology for agency and corporate recruitment teams. Carerix offers a modern platform that supports the entire process of recruitment & selection, staffing and secondment. Because ConnectYourFlex provides the link between the front office and the back office, Carerix can focus on delivering integrated state-of-the-art recruitment solutions that allow their clients to distinguish themselves on the market.

Is your company ready for a smooth transition between front office and back office? We would be glad to inform you about what ConnectYourFlex can do for your company!

Also read the (Dutch) press release of Carerix about this collaboration!

The collaboration in the media: Werf& (in Dutch)

Carerix connected to ConnectYourFlex
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