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CYF Connector

Innovative interface

“All interfaces are fully automated on one platform”. 

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The CYF Connector
connects all your systems


Most companies use different software packages for different purposes. Such as an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for the recruitment process, a planner and a time registration package. In addition, there is a back office for payroll and invoicing and usually also a financial system. However, each software package has its own language, so the systems usually do not connect to each other. As a result, the data from one system to another must be manually retyped or transferred with excel. This takes a lot of time and is prone to errors. This is problematic, because it is essential that data is exchanged between the different systems in the right way and at the right time, so that the data always remains up to date and correct.

To solve this, companies often have built their own interfaces. Unfortunately, this is a non-flexible, time-consuming and also expensive solution that in many cases does not give the desired result.

Solid Flex Solutions has made this customization the standard. Once connected to the ConnectYourFlex Connector, all systems can be directly connected together. The CYF Connector is a black box that makes the process fully automated. Changes or additional wishes to the interface are easy to implement. Solid Flex Solutions takes care of the maintenance of these interfaces, so if something changes within a software package, the interface automatically remains up to date. Error messages are presented in your own package, so logging in is not necessary.

More interfaces at the same time

Once connected to the CYF Connector, easily connects to multiple systems.

In reality

Typically, data is collected per process and managed in a specific application. The starting point is often the ATS system.
All commercial activities are facilitated here. When the assignment has been realized, this data must be sent to the back-office system. The CYF Connector forms an intermediate layer and ensures that software packages can read and write to each other: retyping is no longer necessary.
Via the CYF Connector, the data automatically ends up in the back office.

Connecting an ATS system to other applications has never been easier!

CYF Connector | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Connector | Koppelplatform | Flexibele software | Producten | Products

An example of a possible interface with the CYF Connector

CYF Connector | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Connector | Koppelplatform | Flexibele software | Producten | Products

The CYF Connector receives or retrieves data from the ATS system

The mapping module translates this data into the format of the back office

The data is delivered to the back office

Any functional feedback and technical errors are presented in the ATS system. If desired, this can also be communicated through e-mail

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