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CYF Connector between OTYS and Loket.nl for Zuidzorg

ZuidZorg recently opted for OTYS Recruitment Software for the recruitment & selection of new employees. Loket.nl is used for salary processing. ZuidZorg has opted for a link with the CYF Connector between OTYS and Loket.nl for the exchange of candidate and contract data. As soon as an employee’s contract has been created and approved in OTYS, the information required for salary processing is transferred to Loket.nl. This way, data does not have to be manually retyped and salary processing can take place correctly and on time.

OTYS – OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software. Thanks to its modular construction and many implementation possibilities the Recruiting Technology platform is a very attractive option.

Loket.nl makes keeping track of your HR and salary administration very easy. Payroll processing arranged in an instant and smart HR options: all together in one online application.

Solid Flex Solutions | OTYS | Loket.nl | CYF Connector

ZuidZorg is a home care organization that does everything in its power to make their clients’ lives a bit more pleasant. Whether it concerns light care or complex care, ZuidZorg offers clients good care throughout Southeast Brabant in the Netherlands. ZuidZorg works with qualified and professional employees who, together with the client, investigate what they are able do themselves and where they need care and support. This way, clients can continue to do as many of the things that are important to them. ZuidZorg offers everyone, young and old, the opportunity to live at home longer, in a safe and pleasant way.

ZuidZorg maintains close contacts with general practitioners, specialists, municipalities and social organizations and is an important extension of their care. Thanks to all these connections, ZuidZorg occupies a key position in the neighborhood. No matter what kind of care it concerns, ZuidZorg is trusted and close by!

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