Easyflex added to the ConnectYourFlex Connector- Solid Flex Solutions

Easyflex added to the ConnectYourFlex Connector

Solid Flex Solutions is proud to announce that Easyflex has been added to the ConnectYourFlex Connector! Bolap, the first customer to use the link with Easyflex, went live last month. In addition, there are currently 3 other projects that will go live soon, including NED personeel.

Easyflex | Yoeri Heijmans | Partner Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex

Yoeri Heijmans, Sales consultant at Easyflex:

“Personally, I think Solid Flex Solutions is a great party to work with. In the process with NED I have a lot of contact with Richard and Felicienne. They are friendly, clear, fast and know what they are talking about.”

Easyflex is the all-in-one system for the temporary employment sector for, among other things, remuneration, invoicing, planning and data visualization. With Easyflex you send your client the correct invoice with a mouse click and your flex worker receives a pay slip that is always correct. The ABU and the NBBU CLA are maintained by Easyflex itself, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore! Easyflex is a software supplier you can rely on; which gives you peace and confidence.

For Easyflex employees, direct contact and personal service are very important. That is why, when calling the Service Center, you are always assisted by someone who can tell you everything about the product. And that is why the employees who create new features or fix bugs are constantly working on improving the software.

Easyflex understands that it’s annoying to work in countless different systems that do not communicate with each other. That is why they do their best to provide a link between Easyflex and your favorite software. This way Easyflex realizes the optimal workflow in every organization.

Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex

Is your company also ready for a smooth transition between all your applications?
We would love to tell you what Solid Flex Solutions can do for your company!

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