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Flexcraft employment agency optimizes recruitment process with Connector!

Flexcraft employment agency has opted for the Connector with an interface between OTYS and Easyflex. Flexcraft needed an optimization of the recruitment process, with fewer manual actions. Solid Online has therefore realized a two-way interface for Flexcraft between ATS (Applicant Tracking System) OTYS and the back office system, Easyflex. Candidates, customers & contacts, placements and documents are exchanged between both systems.

OTYS– OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software. Thanks to its modular construction and many implementation possibilities the Recruiting Technology platform is a very attractive option.

Easyflex is the all-in-one system for the temporary employment sector for, among other things, remuneration, invoicing, planning and data visualization.

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Because these systems are integrated, all relevant data now flows automatically to the desired system. The Flexcraft employees no longer have to worry about this. The data is always up-to-date in any system, without errors and without delays in input or changes. This way, Flexcraft has the advantage of the specialist features of each package, while for their employees it is as if they only work with one system. This saves a lot of time and increases the ease of work! By creating an automated interface, the process is organized efficiently and effectively. Automatic data exchange avoids intensive and error-prone manual work. This automation now provides an optimization of the process and a scalable foundation for the future.

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“The establishment of this interface by Solid Online was a first step, a test. After this successful implementation, we are simultaneously starting up several projects to further automate the Flexcraft processes together with Solid Online. The aim is a lean automated process so that we can provide optimal service to our customers.”

Afra Desmarets, Director Solid Online:

“A great start to an intensive collaboration! This interface is the first step in the optimization of the Flexcraft IT landscape by using the Connector. In the coming months, the Connector will be set up for other Flexcraft processes in order to further increase efficiency and effectiveness.”

Afra Desmarets | Directeur | Solid Online

Flexcraft recruits, selects, mediates and guides temporary workers in the construction, technology, industry, production, transport, logistics, warehousing, hospitality, care and food sectors. Flexcraft was founded in 1993. The Flexcraft Group has since grown into a company where more than 10,000 temporary employees work every day. At the head office, 150 employees work on growth, quality and continuity.

Is your company also ready for a smooth transition between all your applications? We would love to tell you what Solid Online can do for your company!

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