Innovation through Integration!

ConnectYourFlex is the best of breed integration platform for the flex industry. We are independent and integrate with all desired software packages.
Complex and costly integration solutions are no longer required within your organization. Our platform realizes near real-time synchronization between systems.

Interfaces and data exchange

Within a business process, data is usually collected and managed in a specific application. However, the same data is also required within other processes and applications. This includes data from customers, candidates and assignments. It is important that these are exchanged at the right time between the different applications, so that the available data is always up-to-date and correct.

An integration between applications ensures that the required data can be exchanged, but the realization is often complex and very expensive. This is mainly because every software package speaks its own language. As a result, the connection is not made, so the data still must be typed in manually.

This requires a flexible solution with a pragmatic approach. The ConnectYourFlex best of breed SAAS integration platform forms an intermediate layer and ensures that the software packages can read and write together: retyping is no longer necessary.

ConnectYourFlex imports and exports

Carerix connected to ConnectYourFlex
Save time and money by paying out public holidays

Innovative and pragmatic platform

For more than 25 years, the Solid group has been helping organizations to be more creative, efficient and smarter, so that they can provide the best possible service to their customers. We do this by streamlining data, making processes scalable and optimizing them. Because of these optimizations, repetitive work is in the past and error sensitivity is greatly reduced. This gives you more control over your business processes.

Our pragmatic and innovative Solid Online platform, which forms the foundation for ConnectYourFlex, was started in 2012. The platform seamlessly integrates with your specific processes. The elements within your business process that you would rather not worry about are set here. Think of roles per function, data rights, documents and workflows. The platform is OWASP proof, has an extensive GDPR module and runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

With the help of ConnectYourFlex your information flows seamlessly towards hirers, suppliers and your internal applications. Ultimate flexibility to the outside world but unified and standardized for your internal business processes!

Functionalities per message flow

ConnectYourFlex has different functionalities available per message flow to meet all your business requirements. In addition, we also offer conversion tooling!

Our added value


Cost reduction

Never retype data or built expensive interfaces. This means the end of high IT-customization and project costs.

Best of breed

The advanced Dynamic converter and Mapping functionality converts all file formats to the desired format.

For everyone

Easily implement your client yourself. Would you prefer to be completely unburdened? No problem, our consultants have years of experience in the temp agency sector!

First time right

Proven DSO reduction because you can determine your validations per customer.


ConnectYourFlex follows the SETU, UBL, HR-XML message standards and meets the GDPR/AVG guidelines.

Software as service

The platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud in the Netherlands and can be integrated with SingleSignOn.
Nathalie Meester
Process manager In Person
Theo Kooijmans
Software Architect Actief Werkt!

"ConnectYourFlex gives us the opportunity to digitize the timesheet output and invoices for practically every customer. We set up the transforming for customers in no time. Complex billing issues are quickly solved. With the recipe settings in ConnectYourFlex we can easily define exceptions per customer.

In addition to the standard staffing processes for timesheets and Invoicing, we have recently invested in optimizing the intercompany and freelance process together with Solid Online. By generating and sending invoices on behalf of the freelancer and intercompany party, we have been able to make a big step. In terms of content, the invoice corresponds to the specified hours and so it can be processed fully automatically. This allows us to quickly generate invoices and most importantly, pay them!

By implementing ConnectYourFlex we have implemented flexibility as a standard!"

Erwin Haselbekke
Product Owner Billing & E-services USG People

"With ConnectYourFlex we flexibly arrange our processes for digital hours and expense processing. Whether it is about XML timecards via a web service or a supplied Excel hour list by mail, we can implement it all ourselves quickly and effectively. Digital wage processing is a piece of cake after this. We have also taken major steps in the field of digital invoicing. We are now able to meet the wishes of our customers. This is because we can now dynamically deliver different forms of XML and PDF invoices. We are no longer dependent on standards, but we are flexible in our options in this area. In short, ultimate flexibility to the outside world but unified and standardized for your internal business processes!"

Nathalie Meester
Process manager In Person

“The best possibilities within ConnectYourFlex ensure that we can digitally process the hours from any complex file within a short period of time. This ensures time saving and error-free processing. All this contributes to our mission: Happy (flex) employees and customers. Solid Online is therefore the right supporting partner for us to digitize processes/realize links.”



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Innovative platform

Connects and integrates data and optimizes processes

Interface for the employment branch

Integrates and automates message and information flows

Automatic processing of receipts and invoices

Simplifies financial processes by automating manual tasks


Supports professionals from India to the Dutch labor market

Training & Coaching

Integrates non-Dutch employees in Dutch organizations

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