Kramp: assignment data from Randstad to Workday
Novisource: interface between Carerix and Exact Online
Anylinq opts for CYF Connector between AFAS and Carerix
MultiFlexx: invoice processing freelancers with self-billing in CYF Transformer
Partnerhip AFAS and Solid Flex Solutions unburdens customers
Pivoton & Solid Flex Solutions expand cooperation
Solid Online and Graydon join forces for temp agency sector
Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Flexibele software | Koppelplatform | Interface platform | Flexible software

Innovation through Integration!

All message flows in order for a quick and error-free handling of your administration

ConnectYourFlex is the best of breed interface platform for the temp agency sector and consists of two products. 


Our added value

Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Flexibele software | Koppelplatform | Interface platform | Flexible software

Cost reduction

Never retype data or built expensive interfaces. This means the end of high IT-customization and project costs.
Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Flexibele software | Koppelplatform | Interface platform | Flexible software

Best of breed

The advanced Dynamic converter and Mapping functionality converts all file formats to the desired format.
Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Flexibele software | Koppelplatform | Interface platform | Flexible software

For everyone

Easily implement your client yourself. Would you prefer to be completely unburdened? No problem, our consultants have years of experience in the temp agency sector!
Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Flexibele software | Koppelplatform | Interface platform | Flexible software

First time right

Proven DSO reduction because you can determine your validations per customer.
Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Flexibele software | Koppelplatform | Interface platform | Flexible software


ConnectYourFlex follows the SETU, UBL, HR-XML message standards and meets the GDPR/AVG guidelines.
Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex | Flexibele software | Koppelplatform | Interface platform | Flexible software

Software as service

The platform runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud in the Netherlands and can be integrated with SingleSignOn.
Roelof Oppenhuis | Movares
Roelof Oppenhuis
Projectmanager Movares

“Movares has outsourced its recruitment process to Solveo. Solveo is part of the Movares Group and uses the recruitment system Otys to support their process. At Movares we use AFAS for our ERP processes. We were looking for a partner who could help us realize the interface between Otys and AFAS so that data no longer had to be entered manually. Solid Online and Conclusion Afas Solutions (CAS) have realized this interface for us. The collaboration between CAS, Solid Online, Solveo and Movares has gone well. The interface is working great!”

Nicole Gelderman | Flexpay
Nicole Gelderman
Administrative Assistant Flexpay

"Solid Online does not think in limitations but in solutions and possibilities!"

Patrick Grootaarts | Kramp
Patrick Grootaarts
IT Information Analyst Kramp

"Due to the continuous further digitization of our HR processes, we are very happy with the interface via Solid Online, making manual creation and/or changes a thing of the past for our large group of temporary workers. Besides the time savings both on the side of Kramp and of temporary employment agencies, this also results in a quality improvement, which means that we can involve temporary workers even closer to our organisation. Furthermore, this opens the door to connect other integrations, countries and employment agencies. By this, Workday is stabilizing its position as our leading HR system.”

Christian Plaizier | Novisource
Christian Plaizier
Financial Director Novisource

"We chose Solid Online's CYF Connector because it enables us to quickly and easily check contract data and time registration for correctness and completeness. Until recently, revenue recognition was a labour-intensive exercise, but fortunately this is a thing of the past thanks to the CYF Connector. The automated booking from Carerix to Exact Online is also very reliable and fast. The implementation went very accurately and smoothly thanks to a very pleasant and professional collaboration with Solid Online. We are already thinking about extending the CYF Connector to other systems we use, such as Nmbrs."

Christian Lankman | AFAS
AFAS | Software
Christian Lankman
Systemintegrator AFAS

“The collaboration with Solid Online is very pleasant. The value of our partnership lies in taking the burden off for our customers. For instance, to be able to connect your own ATS system to AFAS without having to worry about it.”

Paul van den Bosch | Pivoton
Pivoton | Flex as a service software
Paul van den Bosch
Managing Director Pivoton

“We offer our customers a Future Fit IT landscape in which reliability, sustainability and agility are central. We are convinced that this is possible only by offering maximum functionality and freedom of choice for specific functionalities. In practice, this means that we optimally integrate additional specialized software where desirable for our customers and thus offer maximum business value across the entire chain. Solid Online is one of those partners with whom we make this possible ”.

Michiel Kuiper | Teamflex | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions
Teamflex personeelsdiensten
Michiel Kuiper
Senior Application Manager Teamflex

"Almost everything is done digitally nowadays, but communication between different software packages sometimes still seems to be very difficult. Solid Online offers the solution and has helped us establish an interface between Otys and HelloFlex. Through this interface, candidate, customer, and contact persons are automatically sent to Helloflex and even a contract in draft status is created. This saves us a lot of time, but the most important thing is that there are no mistakes at all in the process. During the project we were guided by Richard Baas. His knowledge of the different applications and the staffing industry contributed to a successful implementation."

de Pooter
Valerie Esselbrugge | de Pooter
de Pooter | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex
Valérie Esselbrugge
Office Coordinator de Pooter

"Solid Online has created a nice interface. With thanks to the great assistance and support of Martine. Nothing is too much to ask. Because of her expertise and quick actions, we can proceed quickly when we get stuck. It is a nice experience to set up an interface together which will now benefit us a lot. For example, we are currently setting up a whole new process within the organization. This ensures more efficient work. We have now finished up the first phase, on to the next!"

Patrick Verkaik | Ruimbaan
Patrick Verkaik
Marketing Manager Ruimbaan

“Thanks to Solid Online we have been able to create an interface between Freepack and OTYS. Now we can transfer candidate data, customer data and placement data from OTYS to Freepack. This will save us a lot of valuable time. During the process we were well guided by Richard Baas, who I would like to thank for all the time invested in the project. Because of the differences between the programs, we ran into all kinds of problems that were eventually resolved, with this beautiful interface as the result.”

Martijn Roos | Graydon | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions
Graydon | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex
Martijn Roos
Senior Account Manager Graydon

“The collaboration between Solid Online and Graydon is a perfect match. Both at Solid Online and at Graydon we are busy with data all day and therefore we speak the same language. Solid Online is the missing link between the Graydon database and all possible software packages in the temp agency industry. ”

Arco Westbroek | Carerix
Arco Westbroek
Head of Products Carerix

"As known for years, Carerix brings recruitment tools to its clients via the best of breed principle. Always choosing for the most suitable tool for that sub segment, like video, feedback tools and assistant- and automated matchingtechnology. This principle has also been applied and made scalable for the integration between front and back office collaborations. Together with ConnectYourFlex, we give Carerix customers the freedom to choose the best back office or HR system."

Marco Boomsma | Bullhorn | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex
Marco Boomsma
Sales Director EU Bullhorn

“Partnerships in the software landscape can sometimes be very complicated. This is not the case when both propositions perfectly match each other. From Bullhorn we provide an excellent documented API where Solid Online knows how to deal with perfectly. They act accurately, say what they do and do what they say. This leads my team to bring Solid Online to the table of our customers, without us having any concern in it. They are resolute in dealing with the integration needs of our customers, of which I experience that the demand for integration of the different software tools has increased significantly.”

Splendit | Toni Sommerfeld | Vacatures | Job offers | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex
Toni Sommerfeld
Contracting & Quality Manager Splendit

“From day one, we have experienced a very professional cooperation with Solid Online. All agreements are followed, the deadlines are realistic, a no-nonsense approach. In the test phase, all issues were taken up and resolved very quickly. After completing this project, we will certainly look forward to the following implementations of tailor-made developments. The sky is the limit. In the long term, we see a real partnership that both parties can benefit from.”

TOPS personeel
TOPS personeel | Melvin Wernert | Solid Flex Solutions
Easyflex | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex
Melvin Wernert
Senior advisor TOPS personeel

“We have been working with Bullhorn for over a week now and all the data we need is available as we had envisioned. We want to thank Martine very much for her endless and enormous efforts the last few weeks. It was a 24/7 operation, and I would not have wanted another party and definitely no other person by our side to do this huge job, thank you!”

Tankpersoneel | Marco Lub | Solid Flex Solutions
Tankpersoneel | Ready4You
Marco Lub
Operational Manager Tankpersoneel

“Solid Online has proactively thought about our wishes and has always been very alert and attentive towards adjustments. Because of this, we have received a simple, but very effective custom tool that does what was promised in advance. Besides the expertise, we also noticed and appreciated the involvement and kindness of the employees of Solid Online.”

Easyflex | Yoeri Heijmans | Partner Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex
Easyflex | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex
Yoeri Heijmans
Sales consultant Easyflex

“Personally, I think Solid Flex Solutions is a great party to work with. In the process with NED I have a lot of contact with Richard and Felicienne. They are friendly, clear, fast and know what they are talking about.”

Bolap | Marion Hermans | Solid Flex Solutions | Koppeling | Interface
Marion Hermans

“With this interface we no longer have to update everything manually and there is always a connection between our client’s planning- and time registration on the one hand, and our salary- and staffing software on the other. It saves time and reduces the chance of errors. We are happy with it!”

Marnix van den Berge | Partnership - OTYS - ConnectYourFlex - Solid Flex Solutions
Marnix van den Berge
Senior Account Manager OTYS

“The collaboration with Solid Flex Solutions makes it easier for us, and therefore also for our clients, to connect with back-office packages. Thanks to the interface of the ConnectYourFlex platform, it will no longer be necessary to build, we merely need to connect. That is much more efficient. Building an interface can sometimes take a few months. This is now much faster with Solid. Apart from that, it opens the door for us to multiple connections with other packages, without having to build each one ourselves. And best of all, this is a two-way street, so that the most important data centrally in our system can be made available to the user.”

Actief Werkt!
Theo Kooijmans
Software Architect Actief Werkt!

"ConnectYourFlex gives us the opportunity to digitize the timesheet output and invoices for practically every customer. We set up the transforming for customers in no time. Complex billing issues are quickly solved. With the recipe settings in ConnectYourFlex we can easily define exceptions per customer.

In addition to the standard staffing processes for timesheets and Invoicing, we have recently invested in optimizing the intercompany and freelance process together with Solid Online. By generating and sending invoices on behalf of the freelancer and intercompany party, we have been able to make a big step. In terms of content, the invoice corresponds to the specified hours and so it can be processed fully automatically. This allows us to quickly generate invoices and most importantly, pay them!

By implementing ConnectYourFlex we have implemented flexibility as a standard!"

Erwin Haselbekke
Product Owner Billing & E-services USG People

"With ConnectYourFlex we flexibly arrange our processes for digital hours and expense processing. Whether it is about XML timecards via a web service or a supplied Excel hour list by mail, we can implement it all ourselves quickly and effectively. Digital wage processing is a piece of cake after this. We have also taken major steps in the field of digital invoicing. We are now able to meet the wishes of our customers. This is because we can now dynamically deliver different forms of XML and PDF invoices. We are no longer dependent on standards, but we are flexible in our options in this area. In short, ultimate flexibility to the outside world but unified and standardized for your internal business processes!"

ConnectYourFlex imports and exports json txt pdf xml xls xlsx


Curious about what ConnectYourFlex can do for you? Request more information or a free demo!
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