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Interface between Carerix and Exact Online for Novisource

Novisource has opted for the ConnectYourFlex Connector with a link between recruitment software Carerix and financial software Exact Online.

Carerix Based on years of experience, Carerix offers a modern platform that supports the entire process of Recruitment & Selection, Temporary Employment and Secondment, from one system

Exact Online – is the market leader in business software in the Benelux. Exact Online automates accounting, financial, ERP, HRM and CRM processes. In addition, Exact Online offers specific industry solutions

Solid Flex Solutions | Exact Online | Carerix | CYF Connector

Novisource works with both its own (internal) professionals and external professionals, such as freelancers. All contracts with clients are recorded in Carerix. The timesheets of all professionals are also kept in Carerix. Before this data is processed in the financial administration in Exact Online, a periodic overview report is generated. This report contains not only the timesheets per consultant, but also contract information, such as sales rates, cost price, contract duration, customer information, etc. As a result, the completeness and correctness of turnover and cost price can be determined very quickly and easily and productivity is mapped in detail. The data is then ready for invoicing. Once the sales invoices have been created and processed in Carerix, they are retrieved from Carerix via the CYF Connector and sent to Exact Online. Based on the information sent, a sales entry is automatically generated here on the correct ledgers, cost centers and cost units. Since this process is fully automated, the chance of errors is very small and costs are saved.

Christian Plaizier | Novisource

Christian Plaizier, Financial Director Novisource:

“We chose Solid Online’s CYF Connector because it enables us to quickly and easily check contract data and time registration for correctness and completeness. Until recently, revenue recognition was a labour-intensive exercise, but fortunately this is a thing of the past thanks to the CYF Connector. The automated booking from Carerix to Exact Online is also very reliable and fast. The implementation went very accurately and smoothly thanks to a very pleasant and professional collaboration with Solid Online. We are already thinking about extending the CYF Connector to other systems we use, such as Nmbrs.”

Nandakumar Ranganathan, Director Solid Online India:

“The implementation for Novisource went very well. Novisource is using Carerix as front office and Exact Online as back office. This implementation mainly focused on connecting both these systems and creating the sales entries in Exact Online for every sales invoice created in Carerix. The project went seamlessly, thanks to the excellent client cooperation. Now, approved sales invoices in Carerix are booked as sales entry in Exact Online in no time.”

Nandakumar Ranganathan | Director | Solid Online India

Novisource is a Business & IT consultancy company with a strong focus on business service providers in the financial sector (banks, insurance companies, pension funds & asset managers). Novisource offers change capacity within the business themes of Regulatory change and Digital transformation, supported by knowledge and expertise in the field of Information services (data management & application integration) and Information security. Novisource’s consultants understand the world in which financial companies operate and have the right experience and knowledge of: products, processes, legislation and regulations and the associated IT landscape within the financial sector. This enables them to support changes in the total chain for this sector. Novisource works with knowledge teams and Novisource’s consultants connect theory with practice, aimed at continuous improvements. This way, they contribute in a sustainable manner to the change processes of their clients. The core values ​​of Novisource are ‘enthusiastic’, ‘connecting’, ‘decisive’ and ‘enterprising’. These are reflected in the way Novisource invents, learns and practices. This way, Novisource helps its clients to realize change ambitions.

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