OTYS recruiting technology

OTYS offers cloud-based recruitment software for smart management and matching of job offers and candidates.
From OTYS, ConnectYourFlex receives candidate information, assignment information, customer information, contact information and job offer information and converts this to the format of a back-office system.

OTYS Go! is cloud-based recruitment software. Thanks to its modular construction and many implementation possibilities the Recruiting Technology platform is attractive to various different target groups such as recruitment and selection firms, secondment and temporary employment agencies, job sites and of course corporate recruiters for whom finding and attracting real talent is the main aim.

OTYS Go! has been constructed with a view to reducing your workload. Because with the right tools you can work more efficiently. With OTYS Go! you improve both your work processes and the candidate experience. Everything from recruitment to selection is supported, but also administrative processes and analytics possibilities. By partnering with a lot of different other software companies you can handle the entire business from one single system.

Efficient work processes are important, but in the end you just want your job vacancies to be found, candidates to be able to apply quickly and for you to be able to match them. You want optimal results. OTYS achieves this through a large number of sharing and optimisation possibilities. OTYS Go! supports your entire process.

Otys - Recruiting technology - Partner ConnectYourFlex

Bert Koning

OTYS Recruitment Technology
Landjuweel 52
3905 PH Veenendaal

0318 584 900

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