Partnership OTYS ConnectYourFlex Solid Flex Solutions

Partnership OTYS and Solid Flex Solutions

OTYS and Solid Flex Solutions have started a partnership! In the spring of 2020, the connection to the ConnectYourFlex Connector was realized and that was the start of a great collaboration. We have taken the time to get to know each other’s business and data model to make optimal connections. Now, the clients of OTYS Recruiting Technology can easily connect to different systems. The CYF Connector saves a lot of time in implementations because the connection has already been made and therefore nothing has to be built.

Partnership OTYS ConnectYourFlex Solid Flex Solutions
Marnix van den Berge | Partnership - OTYS - ConnectYourFlex - Solid Flex Solutions

Marnix van den Berge, Senior Account Manager at OTYS, about the collaboration:

“The collaboration with Solid Flex Solutions makes it easier for us, and therefore also for our clients, to connect with back-office packages. Thanks to the interface of the ConnectYourFlex platform, it will no longer be necessary to build, we merely need to connect. That is much more efficient. Building an interface can sometimes take a few months. This is now much faster with Solid. Apart from that, it opens the door for us to multiple connections with other packages, without having to build each one ourselves. And best of all, this is a two-way street, so that the most important data centrally in our system can be made available to the user.”


Martine Verhave, Senior Consultant at Solid Flex Solutions, about the collaboration:

“Due to the intensive collaboration and the short lines between the employees of Otys and Solid Flex Solutions, we have realized a stable, flexible interface between Otys and other relevant systems. An interface specifically set for the client is realized in no time.

From the very beginning, Otys and Solid have had a common goal: to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming activities from clients so that they can focus on the things that are very important and add value to the organization. As a consultant of Solid Flex Solutions I am extremely proud of the partnership with Otys! “

Partnership OTYS ConnectYourFlex Solid Flex Solutions
Partnership OTYS ConnectYourFlex Solid Flex Solutions

Two examples of interfaces with OTYS and the CYF Connector

Is your company also ready for a smooth transition between the front office and back office? We would love to tell you about what Solid Flex Solutions can do for your company!

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