Plan4Flex: unique software for operational processes

The Plan4Flex team stands for personal, fast and efficient service. This is reflected in their unique software: flexible, user-friendly, and practical. Plan4Flex thinks along with the customer and with its software continuously responds to changes in the temp agency industry and its legislation. The Plan4Flex software is not focused on invoicing and remuneration, but rather on the operational processes that precede those, such as planning, hour registration and housing. Plan4Flex is the market leader when it comes to placing labor migrants.

Plan4Flex is more than just planning software: it is a platform that connects people. In the current labor market, everything seems to be about efficiency and money, but ultimately it is about people. Everyone needs personal attention. Plan4Flex facilitates this.

Plan4Flex is open to new developments and technology. The company listens to its customers and users so that they know what is important to them. The approach is structured, but also informal. The operation always comes before the administration. Plan4Flex likes to tackle problems, and to have short lines of communication and transparency. Customers and users can count on Plan4Flex, the quality of the service always comes first.

Plan4Flex | Dreann van den Akker | Partner | Solid Flex Solutions | ConnectYourFlex

Dréann van den Akker
Commercial Director

e-Wings ICT BV
De Bloemendaal 23
5221 EB ‘s Hertogenbosch

+31 (0)88 6906999

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