Easyflex added to the ConnectYourFlex Connector
Carerix connected to ConnectYourFlex
Save time and money by paying out public holidays


With the help of ConnectYourFlex information runs easily through hirers, suppliers, and your internal applications. The ultimate flexibility to the outside world, but uniformed and standardized for your internal business processes!


Innovative and pragmatic platform

The ConnectYourFlex Connector and Transformer are built on the Solid Online platform. 

“A solid foundation for the ConnectYourFlex Connector and Transformer”. 

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The innovative and pragmatic platform Solid Online forms the foundation for ConnectYourFlex. The platform seamlessly connects to specific processes. For instance, user rights, documents and workflows. The platform is OWASP proof, has an extensive AVG module and runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

ConnectYourFlex is the product line of Solid Flex Solutions, part of the Solid Group. For more than 25 years, the Solid Group has been supporting organizations to work more creatively, more efficiently, and smarter. This way they can provide the best possible service to their clients. It is achieved by streamlining data, giving processes the capacity to change the size or scale and, by optimizing this. This makes repetitive work a thing of the past, the sensitivity to errors is greatly reduced and the clients of the Solid Group have more control over their business processes.

A solid foundation for the ConnectYourFlex Connector and Transformer.

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